The December Project – Beauty Advent Calendars!

Okay so as a first post I could talk about me, or I could just get stuck right into something mega exciting. So here is my first project. And as a first project, I think its a pretty damn good one.

Throughout December I will be doing some very exciting Christmassy things for both beauty and baking. And if you haven’t already guessed the Beauty side of the story will be what I think of two very different BEAUTY ADVENT CALENDARS. Yes you read that correctly, in capitals that look slightly more aggressive than they should. And yes they are as fabulous as they sound.

And FYI this does not mean I won’t be indulging in at least 2 chocolate advent calendars as well; that would make me insane. I’ve already had quite an extensive discussion with my mum about which one she should buy me, secretly hoping its the mega expensive Lindt one with the gold bunny for christmas eve.
But knowing it’ll probably be the £1.50 Frozen one from Tesco.

The two advents I’ll be comparing are the Marks and Spencer 24 Beauty Wonders and the Benefit 12 Party Poppers. I only just managed to get hold of these two before they sold out as they had been highly anticipated!

I will attempt a post a day talking about the products I’ve got from both and how much I rate them. Naturally I can only do that for 12 days because they have different amounts of windows to open.

There are lots and lots on the market this Christmas including the higher end calendars by Selfridges and Liberty as well as other more affordable makeup advents by Revolution, Tanya Burr and No.7.
I’m sure many people have said this and I totally agree that Beauty Advents are on the rise and 2015 is the biggest year for them yet! They are such a fun and festive way to brighten up your December mornings before trudging off to work/school not to mention a fresh way to smarten up your beauty regime and I’m sure they still have so much more to give in years to come!




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