Better late than Never…

I know I know I think every person on the Internet has already raved about this product but I’ve always believed cheaper products can be just as good as the mega expensive ones if you hunt them down and use them correctly.

However, eventually after much contemplation I tried the Benefit Roller Lash mascara. And it was a glorious day. I celebrated by baking and eating some cookies. White chocolate and macadamia nut cookies to be precise. I was rejoicing.

Let me put it like this, every girl knows her day could go one of three ways and it all starts with what mascara day she’s on. Bare with me but you’ll totally get it once I explain.

I mean you know when you do your mascara in the morning, and it goes so badly, it clumps your lashes and points them in different directions and you feel like you can’t cope with life when your lashes look this gross. That is a real bad lash day.

Then you have those average lash days which is most other days where they look okay, not false eyelash model worthy but okay enough to face the day.

And finally you know what’s coming, you have those rare yet bloody brilliant lash days. Where your mascara glides on like an absolute dream, and they are already reaching for the clouds with no curler in sight. You feel like you could legit be on the next max factor advert they look that damn good.

My point is, I have been using roller lash every day for the past week and every day has made me feel like my lashes could be used as Kate moss’ stunt double. Okay it’s not as cheap and cheerful as the regular drug store brands but trust me it’s worth the investment. You won’t regret it.


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