On the First day of Christmas…

Yes yes yes December is here!! And on the first day of Christmas the beauty advent calendars gave to me… Philip Kingsley Elasticizer (M&S) and Ooh la lift (Benefit)

And my inevitable Frozen chocolate advent calendar gave me a minuscule chocolate tree. Gutted is not the word (where’s my Lindt, mum)

I was so excited to open my day one Windows I could barely reign it in this last week.

So what is Elasticizer I hear all you Philip Kingsley virgins ask. Well this tube of wonder is a product you use before you shampoo as an intensive treatment. It gives your dull locks a new lease of life I.e elasticity (hence the rather obvious name)

When I’ve used it before I chose to opt for the intensive treatment and leave it in overnight after washing, then rinse out in the morning. My god was it worth it. I curled my hair that day and the curls were bouncing all over the place but still held their shape all day. Although the instructions says to use regularly for best results I don’t think there’s much need if your hair is normal and boring like mine. Just do one intense treatment in a week or even a fortnight to give it a bit of liveliness back. 

Plus it’s infused with lots of gorgeous floral scents such as geranium, lavender and rose so your locks will smell as beautiful as they look.

And onto the second product of the day which is the Benefit Ooh La Lift. 

I used this one in my morning makeup routine, it’s so subtle but if you stopped using it, you’d notice the difference. It contains tiny light reflecting particles that are are almost unnoticeable as a shimmer unless you really look hard. It just highlights the area of the eye you want to look bigger and brighter to avoid the shadows of wrinkles and dark circles. Overall a really good product, not necessarily a must have if you already use a highlighting product under your eye but it’s worth a go if you fancy brightening your eyes up a bit. Especially if like me you have a rotten sleeping pattern. 

In conclusion I would say that the M&S calendar wins day one hands down. The Elasticizer is a bigger product, you get more out of it and I’d say is a lot more useful than the Ooh La Lift from Benefit. 


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