3 French kisses.. I mean HENS.

According to the rendition of the famous Christmas song that my Benefit calendar sings to me every morning, the third day of Christmas gave me 3 French kisses. 

Pfft, I should be so lucky. When your boyf lives in Cambridge and I’m down in sunny Essex I’ve actually got more chance of getting 3 French hens. 

So minus the hens and the kisses the Third day of Christmas actually gave to me… Cowshed Grumpy Cow body lotion – M&S (perfect match for me after the day I had) and the High Beam highlighter – Benefit.

Firstly I must say this post will be slightly biased because I’m a sucker for a good highlighter and my body lotion habits are few and far between. I’m told I should take care of my skin and moisturise my arms and legs but come on, I work full time, bake when I can and now write a blog daily. I barely have time to brush my hair never mind slather my legs in lotion on a daily basis. But for review purposes I have given it a good go.  

Firstly the name. I can’t ignore how epic the name of this product is. That’s marketing done right, calling a product ‘Grumpy Cow’ so people actually have to do a double take and pick it up to make sure they aren’t going bonkers. On the subject of looks this is yet another full sized product! At a whopping 100ml this is quite a result. Properly chuffed with that. 

I’ve used it on my hands and lower arms since I’m on the train home and it smells beautiful! The lotion is blended with the essential oils of red mandarin, grapefruit and bitter orange which to me sounds just too fruity and artificial. But because the scent comes from the essential oils and not perfumes, it has such a natural citrus fragrance that it’s almost relaxing. I reckon using this after a nice soak in the bath to finish off a pamper evening will be pure class. Also a non greasy product which is awesome.

Okay onto the high beam. Cheap highlighters are a no go for me because the manufacturer bulks the product out with chunky glitter which results in you having cheeks that resemble the glitter ball trophy on strictly. Glitter puff ball cheeks are not a good look on a daily basis. 

So this is a higher end product with a price tag to match, which naturally means it’s made pretty well with small light reflecting particles to enhance your facial structure in comparison to just making you look like a child that’s got into their mothers age old pot of dazzle dust. (I know because I’ve done it and mother pulls the photo out at any given opportunity) I suggest to apply highlighter to the centre of your forehead, the centre line of your nose, the peak of your cheekbones, the Cupid’s bow and under your brows. These are the areas you want to appear more luminous and larger. It’s a similar concept to white walls in a room with a larger window, the room will naturally look larger due to the natural light reflecting off the walls. Anyway I digress. This highlighter is worth having because it does exactly what it should do, rather than paying Β£4 for a crappy so called highlighter that isn’t worth you even attempting to apply it. 

I don’t have a winner for the 3rd day. Both products are equally good value and excellent at their supposed function. Even though I don’t use lotion, this is still good for hand cream which I’m addicted to so win win for me.


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