They’re REAL. No, really.

The excitment I expressed this morning was probably greater than necessary when I opened the Benefit advent calendar and from that little window was the product I have been waiting for since I bought it, winking back at me. Even though I’m already swimming through the 184 mascaras I already own, this one I was desperate to try. And from the title I’m sure the fellow beauty gurus out there will know it’s the ‘They’re Real!’ Mascara by Benefit. 

M&S were slightly overshadowed by Benefit today due to the fact they have given me the RENOVATE nail repair kit by Leighton Denny. An excellent product so I gather, don’t get me wrong, however up against a beautiful everyday makeup product like They’re Real! I was always going to vote Benefit. 

Therefore I’m already certain about which advent will win today. 

So since I woke up around 4 minutes before I was due to leave my house this morning, I decided to throw my war paint in my bag and make myself less of a monster once I was on the train. And let me tell you experimenting with a new mascara whilst on board a bumpy train, is a task done with great difficulty. Never the less, once I had gotten rid of all the black dots of stray mascara on my eyelid I was highly impressed with the result.

Similar to Roller Lash (also by Benefit), this wand is a plastic bristle brush, which is the standard wand for achieving false lash effect by separating the lashes; in other words NO CLUMPING. so we’re already winning. 

But they’ve gone the extra step with this wand by adding more bristles to the tip, which give you a helping hand to reach those wispy lashes in the inner and outer corners of your eye; overall creating the illusion of brighter eyes and a darker, more defined lash line. Again, a mega win. So naturally I was fluttering my lashes at everyone today with the knowledge that they looked epic.

Onto the magic of RENOVATE by Leighton Denny. I’ve previously said I’ve started to look after my nails after neglecting them for years, but that doesn’t stop them being brittle and causing my nail varnish to chip after just 5 minutes. No basic terms it’s a heavy duty buffing cream, you apply the cream and use the buffer that you get in the box to buff it into the nails to strengthen them and even out ridges. 

This product will take time to give a real review since it takes a few applications but going on the grounds that it sells really fast in the Beauty hall where I work, I’d say it’s worth the wait. Once I’ve used it I will post my full review.

So yes you’ve guessed it, Benefit have won Day 5 with their fantastic They’re Real! Mascara. During December you’re no doubt going to have plenty of occasions that require fancier makeup than you’d normally wear, and this mascara just takes the extra chore out of applying false lashes. Which for me is a godsend because I simply cannot deal with false lashes. 


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