SIX it up my Darling!

The 6th December comes to us today on a rather overcast, grim looking Sunday. I’m not going to Segway into some cheesy pun about my good self being able to brighten up your day. Because, well, cringe. 

So on this rather grim morning I opened my beautiful advent Windows to find the Rosie Nuit Parfum (M&S) and the Lollitint cheek and lip tint (Benefit). Was quite pleased with these two since I love this perfume and I’ve never used a liquid tint before so that’s what I call a first impression review coming your way.

So let’s start with the Lollitint. 

  Lip and cheek Tints have never been on my list of must try makeup items. They just seem like unnecessary items if you already have blushers and lipsticks coming out of your ears (like me). This one I’ve acquired happens to be purple. PURPLE. I may use this as a lip stain underneath a nude gloss just to vamp up a simple day look, but with experimentation, I have discovered blending it underneath a subtle highlighter on the apex of your cheeks creates a gorgeous colour if you have a naturally warm skin tone. Which isn’t me because my skin is about as warm as that of Edward from Twilight. 

However I’m still not a huge fan of this product since I think it’s a bit redundant when I have so many fantastic lipsticks and blushers. 

  In total contrast to Lollitint I have also now acquired a Perfume I am always using when I’m working. Oddly enough when it first launched I HATED it. It’s the intense night version of the Official fragrance released by actress and model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, and it’s got a bit of a Chanel thing going on. A Chanel wannabe means you can be sure of one thing: it’s an extremely pungent scent. Although saying that, it’s grown on me and I now really like it. It has great staying power which is always a mega win where perfumes are concerned. 

So today I’m going to say M&S have bagged the prize for Day 6 with the Rosie Nuit Parfum. Not a totally biased decision because I’d say Lollitint can be seen as pointless against other more useful products on the market. Never the less it’s still a gorgeous colour that, when used correctly, will brighten up a daily makeup look. 


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