16 Sleeps 

Firstly I am very sorry this is a day late, but a girls got to work and yesterday was a ridiculous day.

Anyway The countdown to the night that the man in red comes to visit us all is well underway and it all seems to be flying by super fast! Seriously, I could’ve sworn that yesterday was actually August. 

So on the 7th day of Christmas The beauty advent fairies gave to me; POREfessional balm(Benefit) and Rituals foaming shower gel. POREfessional is possibly the most highly anticipated for me since I have read so many glowing reviews and watched awesome vlogs about it. So excited is not the word. A little Yelp of joy genuinely came out of my face when I saw it staring back at me in all its’ colourful glory. 

 Beautiful and dreamy as this little balm may be, it’s a tad confusing to the POREfessional virgin due to the fact that the sample you get in the calendar has absolutely no instructions on it. Nada. Not a one. And being called a ‘balm’ it could be  product you apply and rinse off, a primer, a moisturiser or any other balm you can think up.  So that’s a downside, but on a positive it’s the ONLY downside. 

This gorgeous, silky, pore smoothing balm is a beautifully luxurious skin primer that I find is best used before applying makeup, however it can be used after too. It fills fine lines and pores to give the illusion of a flawless, poreless complexion. I would moisturise before using it too if you have dry skin, if you have greasy skin then use the POREfessional under a tinted moisturiser then set with a light powder. 

 Now next on the try me list for today is the Rituals foaming shower gel. When I was a kid there was nothing better than an aerosol of foaming shower gel, what a novelty! Christ that sounds sad but hey, I was a weird child. Now a Weird adult too but, I digress. 

Enriched with organic rice milk extracts with the beautiful subtle scent of cherry blossom this shower gel is sure to soothe away all your stresses of the day. Well that and a big old glass of vino. A bucket in my case. 

I used it last night and it leaves your skin feeling softer than silk and you AND your bathroom smelling so gorgeous, I really love it. Will definitely be buying this again.

In conclusion, I don’t have a winner today. I know I know what a bore I am but they are both such fantastic products in their own way that I’ll be buying both again, so we’re all winners here! 


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