8 all the hors d’oeuvres…

Only 4 days left on the benefit advent calendar means every time I open it and the song sings to me, it’s taking less time for it to get to the corresponding number. 8 all the hors d’oeuvres was today’s line, and quite frankly this line sums up Christmas in my life. It’s just me all over. And I’m not even sorry. 

Today benefit gave me a fantastic little gift of a highlight stick called ‘Watts Up?’ And M&S gave me a tube of the Pure Super Grape Day cream. The highlighter is a first impression review however I have used the Super Grape before, and it’s brilliant.

  So watts up? No seriously Watts up? Sorry that was terrible but you must know by now I could pun my way out of a room with no doors, so passing up an opportunity like that would be just rude. This highlighter has so much more to offer than the ‘High Beam’ that I previously received in this advent; since its in a cream stick much like that of a concealer, it’s much easier to manage and apply. The high beam being a liquid means it requires a lot more blending which, I won’t be technical with, I just can’t be bothered with. Who has time for double blending? No one. And it has to be set with a powder, and this one doesn’t. 

Again apply it to the general highlighting areas of the apex of your cheeks, Central forehead, central line of the nose, cupids bow and centre of the chin to allow the light reflecting particles to work their magic.

Okay okay onto the super grape. As a home brand for M&S you can be assured that Pure will contain no parabens, they don’t test on animals and it’s products are formulated with the purest most natural ingredients. Which is a great start for any beauty geek because you want to be taking care of your skin with the most natural products you can get.

The super grape scent is refreshing and not too perfumed since the formula contains essential oils. I would recommend using this product daily because it’s affordable, absorbs deep into the layers of skin and with long term use will keep the elasticity in facial skin and ultimately, prevent wrinkles.

Overall I’d say M&S won today since I already have a few great highlighters and this day cream actually has me excited to use it before I out my makeup on tomorrow. Is that a bit sad? Oh well I care not, I love my skin and want to take care of it, sorry if that makes me a sad case. I’m not really sorry.


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