12th Time Lucky…

So the 12 days of Benefit have gone extremely fast because today was the last time I’d wake up and open that little box of joy to hear their whacky take on the 12 days of Christmas song. Today’s line was ’12 hunks a-flirting’ I don’t think I really need to elaborate on that one do you? Definitely not. 

However they saved a good one until last, The lovely Benefit advent pixies today gave me a lovely gift of Rockateur! 

Not to be overshadowed by Benefit’s last day, M&S also outdone themselves with their gift to me today, as I opened the little purple box to find a Diego Dalla Palma lipstick in 46 – which is a fantastic Dusky pink colour.

So starting with Benefit since today is their last day in my Blogmas countdown, I am really rather pleased with today’s little gift. For those that don’t know Benefit very well, Rockateur is a very popular cheek powder or blusher that when applied to the apples of your cheeks gives you a beautiful peachy, Rosie colour. It’s a very natural cheek blush and also does a bit of a highlighting job too. The powder has a tiny gold sheen to it, not enough to be a shimmer or glitter and you can barely even see it. However when it’s on, those light reflecting particles really give your face dimension and stop it looking matte and, well, flat. In my opinion, on my skin tone anyway, this colour appears warm which is awesome for this time of year when you’re opting for warmer shades. But saying that I found this shade of blush works better with a nude makeup look since the warmth will balance out the cooler colours on the rest of your face.

Okay okay onto the DDP lippy. I’ve used this before plenty of times and I’m so pleased they’ve given me this shade since it’s my favourite. It matches my cooler skin tone perfectly and combined with an autumnal, bronzed eye look… It just looks fantastic. I LOVE it. So thank you very much M&S.

Diego Dalla Palma are an Italian makeup brand based in Milan, and their products are underrated, big time. Their lipsticks and glosses are such a high quality and they don’t get the press they deserve. They have a price tag to match their quality but I’ve done research on the formulations of their lipsticks and its impressive (I won’t start on that now because ‘yawn’). When you wear them they are long lasting, they are low maintenance throughout the day because they have great staying power, the pigment doesn’t stain your lips after use, and I have to say they just look to damn fine. I mean they must be pretty confident with how good their products are if all they are relying on to rope those customers in is a simple black and white box. You’d think if the box is black and white the actual lipstick must have some bright eye catching pattern on it… Oh no. Black and white yet again. And all I can say to that is ‘Less is definitely more’. 

So since its Benefits last day I should probably let them win…however M&S have really done a brilliant job with that DDP lipstick. Both products are excellent for my complexion, both have great staying power, and actually both complement each other when worn together. 

So farewell Benefit Advent, we’ve had a good run! And the gifts you’ve given me throughout December have been wicked. I thank you for your participation in my Blogmas posts, and I hope to see you again next year. 


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