Unlucky for some, not for me. 

Excuse the day off but I thought I’d make great use of my Sunday off and finish my Christmas shopping before I spent all of my money on me (God forbid) 

However Sunday’s lonesome gift from M&S wasn’t of much use to me so I’ve had to improvise. The 13th little box from the Magic and Sparkle Christmas fairies – whom are apparently having a well earned holiday this year – presented me with a little bottle of Mio Liquid Yoga bath soak. What a glorious gift to receive from an advent Calendar; a good hearty size, a well known specialist brand and it does the job and smells beautiful while it’s at it. If you have a bath, of course. Which ironically and much to my dismay, I do not have. 

So I decided to improvise and use it as a foot soak in my foot spa. Not that I usually have time for a foot spa but I had a tough old day and my poor little toes were aching like mad. So I borrowed mum’s just to try this product and its pretty damn good. The scent is very strong and soothing since its jam packed pull of the essential oils of Lavendar, chamomile, spearmint and mandarin which all combine with the arnica and Epsom salts to provide a relaxing, soothing soak. 

As a brand that focus on the therapeutic side of events; such as relaxing muscles and relieving tension (hence the product name liquid yoga), they need to have a very specific formula, and consequently a price to match (you get what you pay for) 

So after soaking my feet in this they felt beautifully soft, relaxed and any ache that had been there from my tough day at work, had disappeared totally. 

Overall I’m not sure if I would buy this product since it wouldn’t benefit me because I don’t have the apparatus available to get the full rewards from using it; however if you are prone to knots in your muscles and usually get stressed quite easily (who doesn’t) I would say give this a go. Oh and if you have a bath of course. Plus it’s cheaper than paying for 5 massages a month. 


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