Sweet, Swell, Seventeen.

Happy day 17! And this morning my little M&S advent window sung the hallelujah chorus and opened to reveal the Swell Ultimate Volume Hair Masque!

Swell. I’ve never heard of this brand. So if you’re after a real unbiased first impression review, congratulations! You have conquered the Internet and found one.

So what is this product supposed to do? As any other hair mask, this should really be a ‘every so often’ product rather than a ‘every wash’ product because it is so concentrated, you just don’t need to use it more than that if your hair isn’t in such a bad way. I would probably suggest no more than once a fortnight, unless your hair is in a bad condition and you have been recommended otherwise. 

The first thing I noticed when I read the label for this product was that it varies the instructions for use. Which is really handy since one size definitely does NOT fit all (yes other generic hair product brands, I’m talking to you). This is usually where people go wrong, they say a product doesn’t work for them, they spent a small fortune on a fancy product that was recommended to them, they use it according to the instructions and it literally makes no difference to the condition of their hair. Now, this is where I say, what is wrong with your hair? What are you trying to combat? If your hair is dry and you’re using a mask to deeply nourish your locks, use a bit more or the product to ensure all your hair gets some, leave it in a bit longer if the recommended time didn’t work for you. Use it a little more than ‘every so often’. You need to tailor it to YOU. 

As you can see this mask tells you how long to leave the product in for, depending on hair length, if it’s coloured and if you have dry or normal hair. Because of this little feature, I’m already a fan. 

Now down to the actual product. I find the scent really fresh and not artificial like some fruity scents which just make the product in question seem less likely to do the job. I put it on my hair for the specified amount of time for my hair type and let it work its magic. And seeing as I’ve only ever used a hair mask once before in my life and that was when I was training at college, I’m not too clued up on the expertise of how my hair should feel after using one. If the answer is ‘so soft your hair could literally be velvet’ then I think it’s worked. 

My hair is in a pretty good condition at the worst of times but after using this mask it’s so silky soft I can’t stop running my fingers through it. The shine is really amplified and as I’ve said before I’m a sucker for a bit of volume, and volume is what I’ve got! Really really pleased with this product. My hair smells beautiful, it looks like I’ve just been to the salon and remortgaged my house to pay for the treatment. I would highly suggest giving it a go. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. 


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