My Story


Firstly thank you for visiting, I hope you’re having an awesome time of it, probably with your feet up and a nice cuppa. Thats a good thought. (be right back, getting tea.)

Anyway I’m Sophie, a 21 year old Beauty Advisor by day and aspiring baker for the rest of my free time and I reside in the glorious land of Essex. Well glorious is one word for it.

There are plenty of baking blogs out there, and even more beauty blogs so I’m combining both sides of my career to create this fun and (with any luck) useful place for everyone who has the passions that I do!

To be frank, my first attempt at baking on my own was a lemon loaf cake which closely resembled a house brick. To which I laughed at, ate anyway (First rule of baking: don’t waste cake, even if its crap) and gave it another go.
And so my devotion to baking began. Then it continued, and eventually blossomed into a skill I’m highly proud of (I’m a bit of alright at it, so i’m told), albeit still a working progress.

As a result of being motivated and inspired after discovering my career path, I took up a new job role at my work as the Beauty Advisor, which ignited an old flame of adoration for beauty and looking after yourself. Enhancing the beautiful body you have rather than caking it in products to create someone else and hide who you really are.

What I do from now is to pretty much wing it. Try new things, collaborate with different people and absolutely never settle for what I think is good enough; because when all is said and done, nothing is ever finished and complete. And everyone is still constantly learning new things. I can always get better at what I do.

Again, Thank you for visiting. I seriously am getting a cuppa now. I think you should too if you don’t have one already. and a biscuit. or 5.

All my love, Sophs x

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