3 French Kisses…

Yeah okay this pun is an old fave of mine, but I couldn’t resist it. Plus who would be mad enough to turn down 3 French kisses at Christmas?

Not me!

So the 3rd doors of my gorge advents revealed 2 body care products this morning which actually work together beautifully.

M&S gave me a Nuxe Huile de Douche Prodigeux (scented shower oil) and Charlotte gave me her gorgeous Supermodel Body lotion. Which both give your skin the most spectacular glow!

So the shower oil isn’t a greasy oil, you’d wonder how that actually cleans your body if it was. It’s actually a beautifully perfumed, silky oil that turns into a luxurious milk when you apply to wet skin. Which is moisturising as you go! So if you’re a busy lady with no time to put your body cream on after the shower, this is the perfect product for you because it washes and moisturises all at once!

And since it’s winter and this horrid British weather draws every bit of moisture from your skin, keeping your body nourished and hydrated is a must!

Plus the gorgeous shimmer leaves your skin looking even more radiant and glowing! What a bonus, girls!

Now onto Charlotte’s Supermodel Body. Not hers specifically, I’m not sure you could bottle that.

This is a product she used to cheat the catwalk. She would use this on her models; applied down the front of the legs creates the illusion of being taller and having longer pins because it’s highlighting the centre, as well as on their décolleté and arms.

If you used this after using the Nuxe Shower Oil, your body will have so much glow you’ll be practically gleaming 😎

However, I personally I find this very similar to the Rosie lotion that we received on day 1 of advent, and that it is only a fraction of the price of CT’s. Plus in my opinion it smells soooo much nicer.

So M&S definitely win today, purely because the product is unique, worth the price and a lot more people will need it in their life.

Short and sweet today, see you tomorrow Beauties 😘 xo


Boxing Day pampering… Very late Boxing Day pampering

Happy New Year one and all, I hope you all had a fantastic holiday and consumed double your body weight in chocolate, liquor and Brussels sprouts of course. I detest sprouts with a passion yet my mum could eat a mound of the creatures and still be loving life. Except she puts vinegar on hers for some bizarre reason. 

Anyway after that epic fun fest that is Christmas Day, I have no doubts that the vast majority of us that are above the age of 14 will now have an abundance of toiletry sets, with no idea what to use first. My one rule for December is DONT BUY TOILETRIES. Even if you only have a tiny bit of shower gel left, make it last because come Christmas, you’ll be swimming in shower gel. And body lotion. BODY LOTION. Who needs this amount of scented body lotion? I’ve mentioned before that I have better things to do with my time than to use lotion, so at Christmas I’m always displaying the bottles, tubes and tubs in a neat little display on my dresser (force of habit coming from the day job, constantly tidying my beauty products) and there they shall stay. Unless they are an expensive fancypants moisturiser in which case I will make a bloody good effort to use those just for the feeling of sheer luxury. 

So all these toiletry and perfume sets and no idea what to use first. The only thing on every girls mind right now is PAMPER SESH. At this point on Christmas Day I had already made the executive decision to stay comfortably in my sparkly PJ’s and to crack open a bottle of sparkling wine instead of one of my new toiletry sets. So my pamper sesh had to wait until Boxing Day (yes I know I’m a slob) 

So Boxing Day morning arrives, I wake not so bright eyed and bushy tailed with a SLIGHT hangover to attempt my planned pamper sesh. The slight hangover and my lack of care to remove my makeup from the night before made my reflection in the mirror first thing in the morning turn into something quite scarily resembling that of Edward Scissorhands. Or someone as equally unkempt. This must be fixed before the guests arrive. 

So naturally my first task is to wash that hangover right out of my hair, and for this I use my new Josh Wood shampoo that I received half way through Blogmas from the M&S advent calendar, combined with the SWELL hair masque which is also from the advent calendar. I have always deemed hair masques unnecessary for me however this one is just sublime and I will be rebuying it when this one runs out. I also used my new soap and glory ‘Rich and FOAMOUS’ shower cream which has a beautifully subtle perfumed scent. But of course this is a pamper session so I really went to town and used my new ‘Breakfast Scrub’ too, also a soap and glory product. This smells like maple syrup, which made me want to eat it. But luckily I didn’t. 

Okie dokie so now I’ve gone full on spa experience and wrapped my hair in a white hair towel, ready to do the facial routine. What I didn’t show in the picture is my Soap and glory ‘Peaches and Clean’ cleansing milk which is my saviour. No Joke. This cleanser is the most fantastic facial product I think I have ever used. You don’t need much because it goes a long way, but boy is it mighty. It removes any trace of makeup and is so gentle on your skin you wouldn’t realise how tough it is. I just massaged this onto my dry face then rinsed off with warm water. I’m now into toning my face which is still a bit of a novelty, but I’m only doing it because the PIXI glow tonic that I got from the advent is unlike any other toner I’ve tried before. I use a few drops on a clean cotton pad and massage it onto my now super duper clean face using upward motions to make sure I’m not stretching my skin. A toner isn’t essential after washing your face or showering however after exposing your face to all that steam your pores will have opened up. You may have cleaned them but with them being open, they will get very dirty again, very quickly. You can close up those squeaky clean pores with a toner, or just splash cold water on your face a few times, and that’ll do the trick. Next up after stripping your skin of all its’ natural oils, you need to put some moisture back in there; so I moisturised with my new Benefit Total Moisture Facial Cream. 

FYI darling readers, all full reviews of advent calendar products are available in my previous posts for Blogmas.

Since we’re going all out on this pamper sesh I thought I’d get my body butter groove on; But not before putting my new Bieber Album on. If we’re going to be pampered we need good music and since I’ve recently become a belieber, I thought this was a good option. Anyway, back to moisturising, I went with the Soap and Glory Butter Yourself that my darling mother bought me. Like most soap and glory products it’s a subtly scented, very well made little concoction, and I love it. Being in a pump bottle makes my life a hell of a lot easier too since I don’t have to worry about screwing a lid on afterwards with butter on my fingers. However more importantly it prevents any germs getting in the rest of the butter. 

Now I’m clean, moisturised and loving life with my new album playing and my fabulous sparkly pjs on (we may have guests arriving but there’s no way I’m not putting these new pjs on) it’s time to sort out my wild Barnet. 

Ever heard of a salon chain called RUSH? Thought so. This salon also did a collab with M&S to launch their own range of hair styling products and I have tried them all. Since I love getting as much volume in my hair as possible, I think that the Root Lift Gel is the best thing for the job. Massaging a small amount into my damp hair is enough to blow dry my locks with incidence that it’ll look beautifully bouncy once I’m done. 

Now all thats left is to have a spritz of my new fave scent, which is the Jack Wills Hope Cove mist. It’s lovely and light but you don’t need much of it which is always a bonus. 

I am sorry this post was very late but I’ve been working on other fabulous recipes and beauty ideas that will be coming your way soon! 

I love you all. (Kiss emoji)