3 French Kisses…

Yeah okay this pun is an old fave of mine, but I couldn’t resist it. Plus who would be mad enough to turn down 3 French kisses at Christmas?

Not me!

So the 3rd doors of my gorge advents revealed 2 body care products this morning which actually work together beautifully.

M&S gave me a Nuxe Huile de Douche Prodigeux (scented shower oil) and Charlotte gave me her gorgeous Supermodel Body lotion. Which both give your skin the most spectacular glow!

So the shower oil isn’t a greasy oil, you’d wonder how that actually cleans your body if it was. It’s actually a beautifully perfumed, silky oil that turns into a luxurious milk when you apply to wet skin. Which is moisturising as you go! So if you’re a busy lady with no time to put your body cream on after the shower, this is the perfect product for you because it washes and moisturises all at once!

And since it’s winter and this horrid British weather draws every bit of moisture from your skin, keeping your body nourished and hydrated is a must!

Plus the gorgeous shimmer leaves your skin looking even more radiant and glowing! What a bonus, girls!

Now onto Charlotte’s Supermodel Body. Not hers specifically, I’m not sure you could bottle that.

This is a product she used to cheat the catwalk. She would use this on her models; applied down the front of the legs creates the illusion of being taller and having longer pins because it’s highlighting the centre, as well as on their décolleté and arms.

If you used this after using the Nuxe Shower Oil, your body will have so much glow you’ll be practically gleaming 😎

However, I personally I find this very similar to the Rosie lotion that we received on day 1 of advent, and that it is only a fraction of the price of CT’s. Plus in my opinion it smells soooo much nicer.

So M&S definitely win today, purely because the product is unique, worth the price and a lot more people will need it in their life.

Short and sweet today, see you tomorrow Beauties 😘 xo

2 more mince pies…

Yeah sorry guys but the 12 days of Christmas puns are back with a bang. You thought I’d leave them in 2015, but nope, like a boomerang they’ve bounced right back 😂

Anyway the second advent windows have been opened bright and early this morning and I can proudly say I’m using both products today!

So starting with M&S this time; they have given me a glorious Filorga Meso Mask on this cold wintery morning. Which is fab because what more could I want on such a cold day (besides a hot toddy and a pair of socks) than a hydrating mask to pamper with when I get home?!

This brand is formulated in Parisian Laboratories to provide products with the ultimate anti ageing ingredients. So you know you’re in a for a treat.

To buy, it’s £55 per 50ml so it is a real treat I’d say. But you know it’s going to be awesome at that price ☺️

This mask should be applied liberally all over the face (including the eye contour) and neck, then allow it to work its magic for 15-30 minutes. In the meantime you can be catching up on my latest blogs 😉

Next, remove the mask with a damp cotton pad and marvel at how radiant, plumped and gorgeous your skin looks. If this mask was a man, I’d strongly recommend marrying him. Yes it’s THAT good.

Use this once or twice a week as a treat and your skin will have so much glow, people will need their sunnies.

Anyway onto today’s winner. You just can’t beat it. No matter how hard you try.

Yes lovelies, it’s Charlotte’s magic cream. The one and only ultimate dream cream!

This is the original cream that Charlotte herself formulated way back when she was on sets performing her makeup artistry on A* celebs! And all of them were transfixed by the results! They all wanted her cream, so she made it available to purchase, now everyone is obsessed!!

It’s no ordinary moisturiser, this cream gives the most beautiful natural glow, as well as smoothing out any imperfections.

When I use this cream, I don’t need a primer for my makeup because it’s the perfect base, I’d be wasting a product if I used both at once.

So if you don’t like too many products on your dressing table, pick up this beauty and it’ll do everything you want it to and more. Although it is a tad pricey at a whopping £70 per 50ml.

So it was a very expensive skincare day today, and CT takes the trophy for day 2. I wonder what tomorrow will bring?

All my love beauties 😘xo

On the First Day of Christmas…

So it begins.

I told you December was within touching distance didn’t I Beauties!

And what better day to fall on than Fri-yay, no less.

So the first day of Christmas brings many joys to my household. 1 of them being the glorious ritual of putting up the decs. So naturally the glitter has found every available surface to settle on, which my little puppy has discovered he likes to eat 😑

However my personal favourite ritual is the opening of the advent calendars. Beauty advents are obviously why you guys are here, but let me tell you my chocolate advent addiction is reaching an all time high (or low. Defo a low since I’ve currently got 3 on the go).

So hopefully you all remembered your preferred bevvy; boozy or not (shoutout to all you guys at work for the weekend reading this on your tea break 😘)

Now let’s get started! Kicking off with Charlotte Tilbury’s fabulous magic box.

Firstly I need to talk about the price. £150.

150 smackers for a 12 day Beauty box sounds like pure madness when it’s put like that. Plus the products are mainly minis too! Makes me wonder if I’ve got my money’s worth or not…🤔

This box doesn’t actually have the traditional numbered days of advent so I technically can’t really call it a calendar. However it does give you the freedom to pick and choose what drawer you open, and when. But I can safely say that box is definitely staying on my dresser as a beauty organiser once Christmas is over.

Just look how beautiful it is!! 😍

So box number 1 gave me the gorgeous gift of WONDER GLOW.

I’ve been using this as a base before my makeup mostly, since it’s a light textured moisturising cream; however it has the most stunning light reflecting particles which gives your skin such a stunning, glowy, healthy complexion.
l drop in with my foundation to give my look a bit of a lift.
uct! but i just wish they had made the size a bit bigger than 30 ml!

But as if 1 Beauty Advent was enough?!

My second box is from the one and only M&S.

Worth a whopping £250 (however you only pay £35) And with 25 Little houses of products, I know which box is already my fave.

So House number 1 opened up to reveal one of my personal faves. The Amazing Radiance Body Glow Lotion by Rosie for Autograph.

This lightly tinted lotion is beautifully fragranced using Rosie’s own perfume. Combined with its light shimmer, it gives any skin tone a gorgeous warmth and glow without looking streaky or orange, or making your clothes all gross and dirty! Just what everybody needs for this time of year when everything starts to look a bit flat and dull. My little tip would be to use on your décolleté for a flattering highlighted glow without the need for fake tan.

Both products are very impressive today! But M&S wins my vote since the product size is classed as a travel size (50ml) rather than CT’s Deluxe sample (30ml). I’d have thought for the price point, they might have been more generous.

Anyway I’ll see you all tomorrow Beauties, all my love, Sophs xo

12th Time Lucky…

So the 12 days of Benefit have gone extremely fast because today was the last time I’d wake up and open that little box of joy to hear their whacky take on the 12 days of Christmas song. Today’s line was ’12 hunks a-flirting’ I don’t think I really need to elaborate on that one do you? Definitely not. 

However they saved a good one until last, The lovely Benefit advent pixies today gave me a lovely gift of Rockateur! 

Not to be overshadowed by Benefit’s last day, M&S also outdone themselves with their gift to me today, as I opened the little purple box to find a Diego Dalla Palma lipstick in 46 – which is a fantastic Dusky pink colour.

So starting with Benefit since today is their last day in my Blogmas countdown, I am really rather pleased with today’s little gift. For those that don’t know Benefit very well, Rockateur is a very popular cheek powder or blusher that when applied to the apples of your cheeks gives you a beautiful peachy, Rosie colour. It’s a very natural cheek blush and also does a bit of a highlighting job too. The powder has a tiny gold sheen to it, not enough to be a shimmer or glitter and you can barely even see it. However when it’s on, those light reflecting particles really give your face dimension and stop it looking matte and, well, flat. In my opinion, on my skin tone anyway, this colour appears warm which is awesome for this time of year when you’re opting for warmer shades. But saying that I found this shade of blush works better with a nude makeup look since the warmth will balance out the cooler colours on the rest of your face.

Okay okay onto the DDP lippy. I’ve used this before plenty of times and I’m so pleased they’ve given me this shade since it’s my favourite. It matches my cooler skin tone perfectly and combined with an autumnal, bronzed eye look… It just looks fantastic. I LOVE it. So thank you very much M&S.

Diego Dalla Palma are an Italian makeup brand based in Milan, and their products are underrated, big time. Their lipsticks and glosses are such a high quality and they don’t get the press they deserve. They have a price tag to match their quality but I’ve done research on the formulations of their lipsticks and its impressive (I won’t start on that now because ‘yawn’). When you wear them they are long lasting, they are low maintenance throughout the day because they have great staying power, the pigment doesn’t stain your lips after use, and I have to say they just look to damn fine. I mean they must be pretty confident with how good their products are if all they are relying on to rope those customers in is a simple black and white box. You’d think if the box is black and white the actual lipstick must have some bright eye catching pattern on it… Oh no. Black and white yet again. And all I can say to that is ‘Less is definitely more’. 

So since its Benefits last day I should probably let them win…however M&S have really done a brilliant job with that DDP lipstick. Both products are excellent for my complexion, both have great staying power, and actually both complement each other when worn together. 

So farewell Benefit Advent, we’ve had a good run! And the gifts you’ve given me throughout December have been wicked. I thank you for your participation in my Blogmas posts, and I hope to see you again next year. 

3 French kisses.. I mean HENS.

According to the rendition of the famous Christmas song that my Benefit calendar sings to me every morning, the third day of Christmas gave me 3 French kisses. 

Pfft, I should be so lucky. When your boyf lives in Cambridge and I’m down in sunny Essex I’ve actually got more chance of getting 3 French hens. 

So minus the hens and the kisses the Third day of Christmas actually gave to me… Cowshed Grumpy Cow body lotion – M&S (perfect match for me after the day I had) and the High Beam highlighter – Benefit.

Firstly I must say this post will be slightly biased because I’m a sucker for a good highlighter and my body lotion habits are few and far between. I’m told I should take care of my skin and moisturise my arms and legs but come on, I work full time, bake when I can and now write a blog daily. I barely have time to brush my hair never mind slather my legs in lotion on a daily basis. But for review purposes I have given it a good go.  

Firstly the name. I can’t ignore how epic the name of this product is. That’s marketing done right, calling a product ‘Grumpy Cow’ so people actually have to do a double take and pick it up to make sure they aren’t going bonkers. On the subject of looks this is yet another full sized product! At a whopping 100ml this is quite a result. Properly chuffed with that. 

I’ve used it on my hands and lower arms since I’m on the train home and it smells beautiful! The lotion is blended with the essential oils of red mandarin, grapefruit and bitter orange which to me sounds just too fruity and artificial. But because the scent comes from the essential oils and not perfumes, it has such a natural citrus fragrance that it’s almost relaxing. I reckon using this after a nice soak in the bath to finish off a pamper evening will be pure class. Also a non greasy product which is awesome.

Okay onto the high beam. Cheap highlighters are a no go for me because the manufacturer bulks the product out with chunky glitter which results in you having cheeks that resemble the glitter ball trophy on strictly. Glitter puff ball cheeks are not a good look on a daily basis. 

So this is a higher end product with a price tag to match, which naturally means it’s made pretty well with small light reflecting particles to enhance your facial structure in comparison to just making you look like a child that’s got into their mothers age old pot of dazzle dust. (I know because I’ve done it and mother pulls the photo out at any given opportunity) I suggest to apply highlighter to the centre of your forehead, the centre line of your nose, the peak of your cheekbones, the Cupid’s bow and under your brows. These are the areas you want to appear more luminous and larger. It’s a similar concept to white walls in a room with a larger window, the room will naturally look larger due to the natural light reflecting off the walls. Anyway I digress. This highlighter is worth having because it does exactly what it should do, rather than paying £4 for a crappy so called highlighter that isn’t worth you even attempting to apply it. 

I don’t have a winner for the 3rd day. Both products are equally good value and excellent at their supposed function. Even though I don’t use lotion, this is still good for hand cream which I’m addicted to so win win for me.